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You have reached the home page of the PA DataLink WebRing, established in 2001 as a service to the many organizations and partnerships working at the grassroots level to improve the health and well-being of the people of Pennsylvania.

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Tiny State gif To provide data and other useful resource information to the local health improvement partnerships.
Tiny State gif To provide technical assistance to the partnerships in the use of that data and information for: local data collection activities; needs assessments; determination of priorities; development of plans and programs; development of grant applications; evaluation of activities and program efforts, including outcomes and impacts; promotional, educational, and informational purposes.
Tiny State gif To serve as a means of keeping the local partnerships aware of the relevant activities of the Department of Health and the other participants of the WebRing.
Tiny State gif To promote the interests and goals of the local and state health improvement process.

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The PA DataLink WebRing is open to organizations and agencies interested in freely sharing their information and data sources with the local health improvement partnerships. Acceptance into the WebRing is not automatic. Each potential participant will be considered in terms of the services, resources, and information it can make available to the local partnerships.

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Look for the following graphic on the sites of WebRing members. The links in this graphic will allow you to navigate throught the PA DataLink WebRing.

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The WebRing is not open to for-profit sites that advertise or promote proprietary services for sale. WebRing participants may charge fees to offset costs of providing information or services on their web sites. Partipant sites  retain full autonomy, except they agree to add links, graphics, text, and any other elements required by WebRing software, navigational scripts, or related services.

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Please contact Joseph B. May, III, Director, Bureau of Health Planning, Pennsylvania Department of Health, at


AUTHOR'S CREDIT: The PA DataLink WebRing runs using  JavaScript and therefore doesn't require any special (cgi) hosting facility and doesn't require the use of commercial WebRing hosting and hence has no advertising splashes. If you want more details of how the WebRing works, please click here.