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About Keystones of Public Health
Keystones of Public Health is a coalition focused on public and professional education based on Pennsylvania's public health priorities, born out of a renewed interest in public health by
The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society in 1992. The coaltion's efforts are guided by a 20-member steering committee addressing Pennsylvania's public health priorities through collaborative efforts in education, community outreach, and partnerships.

The business of Keystones of Public Health is prevention. One message has emerged from the current health care debate that we applaud: we can only control health care costs if we prevent diseases and injuries. Most people in the United States die because of behavior, either their own, such as nicotine addiction, or the behavior of others, such as being victims of impaired drivers.

Too often in this country we focus on treating diseases and injuries after they occur rather than on preventing them. Keystones of Public Health, a project of The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, is striving to change this: Ultimate public health will be attained when there are no incidences of preventable diseases or injuries and when individual members of society have high levels of personal health.


Keystones of Public Health Mission Statement
The mission of Keystones of Public Health is to identify and take action on opportunities that link the medical community and public health community to address public health issues within Pennsylvania.


Keystones of Public Health Current Strategies
Based on our strategic assessment, Keystones of Public Health has identified three overriding strategies it will implement in its efforts to fulfill its mission. These three strategies are:

  • Keystones will implement a statewide campaign focused on family violence prevention. To learn more, visit the PAPeaceWork web site.
  • Keystones will actively participate in the State Health Improvement Planning (SHIP) process/initiative connecting the medical and public health communities and preserving the integrity of the process. To learn more search our database for “Community Health Improvement Project.”
  • Keystones will convene a forum linking public health and medical communities with the managed care industry. To learn more search our database using the words "managed care."


Organizational Members of the Keystones of Public Health Coalition include:

  • American Heart Association of Pennsylvania
  • Asociacion De Puertorriquenos En Marcha, Inc.
  • Delaware Valley Hospital Council
  • The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Harrisburg Family Practice Residency Program of PinnacleHealth
  • Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
  • The Institute for Healthy Communities
  • Pennsylvania Blue Shield/Highmark
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • Pennsylvania HealthMATE, Inc.
  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance
  • Pennsylvania Public Health Association
  • Pennsylvania State University Department of Health Policy and Administration
  • State Association of Boroughs
  • University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

To learn more about any of our members and other health issues, search our database.


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